PreK at SJA

The goal is to educate four year olds within our greater school community in an active, warm and safe environment utilizing a multisensory approach.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide an age appropriate curriculum with hands on activities and experiences To cultivate a personal relationship with each child by respecting and honoring his or her diverse perspectives and needs
  • To develop all senses with a concentration in nature while exploring this 89 acre campus
  • To help students grow socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and cognitively – (Developing these skills are essential for building good character, problem solving abilities, collaborative relationships, and living in community)
  • To offer personalized learning with flexible, student-centered classrooms that honor students’ voice and choice
  • Provide opportunities to discover and pursue passions
  • Support creativity as well as foster critical thinking and independence in a nurturing environment

Next Steps

Complete PreK Application

Enrollment Options:

PreKindergarten – $7,300 (5 half days)

PreKindergarten – $10,800 (3 full days: T/W/TH; 2 half days: M&F)

PreKindergarten – $13,100 (5 full days)


Please contact us to schedule a tour.

Katie Wareheim, Director of Admission & Enrollment Management

Office: (410) 568-7573