Distance learning thus far has been nothing short of amazing!

Bless you all for everything you are doing during this crazy time. Stay healthy.

The teachers are doing an amazing job

St. James has a devoted crew

We miss everyone at SJA!

We are very pleased with the distance learning program. She is engaged with her classmates and her teachers and is truly excited to connect with her school community every day. We are truly blessed to have such an incredibly talented group of dedicated teachers.

Our teachers are doing a great job and kinks are worked out daily. So thankful for everyone working so hard

Thank you to everyone for all you are doing to make this as smooth as possible, I know it is not easy.

It was creative, happy and engaging. Our whole family watched. I can’t imagine how much time & effort you put into this, and I wanted you to know it is appreciated.

Distance learning plan is amazing! Thank you to all admin and staff for their tireless efforts in rolling this out!

I am SO amazed by the SJA teachers and how well they are communicating with their students.

"Class” was so fun today!

We are grateful for all that you are doing!

Keeping the entire SJA team in my prayers.

Its an excellent learning experience for them. It is exposing them to the hard work of keeping on task, managing their time, working alone

Thumbs up to all you are doing to keep us connected and motivated to learn!

Keep it up! I knew you guys would be out in front!

I just wanted to let you know that I think SJA and all of its staff and teachers are doing a fantastic job with the distance learning program. I think the decisions you made on how to implement were great. The teachers amaze me. Some of them are making videos and they are so happy and upbeat even during a challenging time. Thank you all so much for everything you are doing.

SJA has been the best decision we ever made for our family.

Just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much we appreciate everything the school is doing.

Keep up the good work!

Deepest gratitude

Way ahead of the game

Great going.. keep it up! I knew you guys would be out in front.. help others where you can..

You all have put a lot of extra time and thought into making sure our children have the best transition possible and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed! I deeply appreciate all you are doing!

Our family hopes you and your families are doing well, and we wanted to let you know we are thinking about you!

Thank you for all that you are doing for St. James Academy’s families. We know how hard the teachers, staff and sextons have been working, and we truly appreciate everyone’s dedication and commitment to the health and welfare of the St. James community.

So impressed with the DLP, blessing for normalcy and routine

We have been very impressed with the school’s approach and preparedness to distance learning.

We are so pleased with the digital program!

Haven’t missed a beat since day one

Our family is so thankful that our children attend St. James. The faculty and staff have allowed our students to continue to learn, and we are so proud!

We appreciate everyone's efforts and support

You guys have been nothing short of amazing through this! As a parent and board member, I am truly thankful that my kids have had the opportunity to experience SJA at its best! We are blessed and grateful for all of our wonderful admin and staff! Thank you again to all for your tireless efforts to make this such a seamless transition! Stay healthy!!

We are so thankful our children attend SJA! You all have done an exceptional job at educating our students virtually!

I think the staff and Admin are doing a wonderful job with this distance learning. Thank you to everyone for all of their time and efforts. WE really appreciate everything about SJA!

I hear great things in the community about the fantastic faculty and staff at St. James Academy, and what a great job they are doing under trying circumstances. I smile
knowingly, and say "Amen!"

A big shout out to everyone at SJA for really being there for the kids and keeping a sense of normalcy in this unique time. Charlie is loving zooms with his classmates and teachers for school.