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Tinkering Camp Day 3—Breakthroughs

By August 20, 2015Uncategorized

By: Tricia Schuster, SJA Parent

tc1A pattern emerges. First, inspiration; activity; quick, easy, success. Then, upon testing, or planning next steps, challenges appear. More meetings are called in the Mist Room (the girls have even abbreviated—they just look at each other and say “MMR” ); more time is spent on the swings. The kids start checking out each other’s projects, or just wading around in the materials. Stalling, thinking, playing, thinking. Total re-evaluation. And then, the BIG BREAKTHROUGH. The group finds a way through together. The plan becomes clear. Everyone is engaged. And almost instantly, BIG things start to appear. Really big. Like, 10-foot high big, have-to-build-up-as-we-go-so-we-can-reach-our-next-piece big. When the Breakthrough happens, it is AWESOME.

tc4This was our third day, and each team has had a few cycles of these fits and starts. But today, every team hit its stride and lurched forward together. Productivity surged, and lasted right up til minutes before pick-up. Vehicles are almost finished; obstacle course challenges are taking form.

Because it was Wednesday—1/2 way day—we went over to the lunch house, fired up the grill, and threw ourselves a barbecue. Build-A-Burger. We took soccer balls and whiffle ball, but still riding the Breakthrough, all we wanted to do was discuss our projects, build our burgers, and get back to Camp to get back to work. What was scheduled as an afternoon off became our most productive yet. Schedule-defying success.

We worked right up to the final minutes before pick-up. Capped off our amazing day with popsicles. And planned to start tomorrow an hour earlier than usual because we just can’t wait.

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