PreK at SJA

Experiential learning is a hallmark of the PreK program at St. James Academy. As an integrated part of St. James’ Program, PreK students have the opportunity to utilize and enjoy the benefits of an 89-acre campus. The program offers the added value of a Kindergarten-Grade Eight experience, which allows students to make connections across grade levels and engage in real-life experiences.

Our PreK classes are designed based on the Reggio-Emilia philosophy, a child-centered educational approach that embraces open-ended questioning, project-based learning, and lots of movement. Students begin each day with movement and play while developing those important skills of sharing and caring about their peers. 

Program Objectives:

  • To provide an age appropriate curriculum with hands on activities and experiences To cultivate a personal relationship with each child by respecting and honoring his or her diverse perspectives and needs
  • To develop all senses with a concentration in nature while exploring this 89 acre campus
  • To help students grow socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and cognitively – (Developing these skills are essential for building good character, problem solving abilities, collaborative relationships, and living in community)
  • To offer personalized learning with flexible, student-centered classrooms that honor students’ voice and choice
  • Provide opportunities to discover and pursue passions
  • Support creativity as well as foster critical thinking and independence in a nurturing environment

Enrollment Options:

PreKindergarten – $7,300 (5 half days)

PreKindergarten – $10,800 (3 full days: T/W/TH; 2 half days: M&F)

PreKindergarten – $13,100 (5 full days)

Next Steps

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Katie Wareheim, Director of Admission & Enrollment Management
Office: (410) 568-7573