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Suzanne Supplee

Books and kids and kids and books! I’ve been passionate about reading, writing, and kids since the fifth grade when I voluntarily gave up recess to work as a kindergarten aid in Miss Lovelace’s classroom. For several years, I was a babysitter, camp counselor, and gymnastics instructor. My early love for working with children was somewhat sidetracked in college. Instead of majoring in education, I hopped on a different path and studied journalism, which surprised everyone, including me! Funny how when we look back on our lives, we see how the twists and turns make sense. Journalism led me to writing, which led me to writing for young adults, which led me to teaching young adults to write. There is nothing more exciting than watching a student discover a new author or have an aha moment about a story or begin to see their writing as the beautiful thing it is: a chance to make the world a better place.