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Sharon Sansosti

Reading and the love of literature is the path to a lifetime of learning, opening new worlds of knowledge to our children.

Every day is a new adventure when we meet new literary friends, solve mysteries, explore, and find just the right book. You might even find Middle School students sharing good reads over a cup of cocoa during The Next Page, our literary Cocoa House. Technology is an integral piece to our library/media center which connects our students with the global community. With that in mind, we guide our children to become safe users of the Internet both at school and at home.
Our visiting author/illustrator program has made unforgettable connections with our students from Kindergarten through Middle School. One of our many memorable visits and a highlight of my career was with Ms. Patricia Polacco. I will always be touched by one of her inspirational messages that everyone is gifted; we just open our gifts at different times.

I am truly blessed to share my days with such a dynamic community of students, parents, and faculty. Family and friends, travel, gardening, and sunny days on the beach with a good book are also special blessings in my life.