Mrs. Jessie Sheckells

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Mrs. Jessie Sheckells
Education after SJA:
  • St. Pauls School For Girls
  • Northeastern University
Favorite Memory:

“When I was in 6th grade there was a ‘mixer’ type event one night and a group of girls were being unkind to another group.Dr. Legenhausen sat down next to us and gave me some words of wisdom. It was at that moment that I realized adults, especially adults in an authoritative role, could be seen as not only role models but friends.”

How has SJA prepared you for the future?

“SJA established a foundation for lifelong learning and provided me with my moral compass that I still use today when meeting new friends or venturing into uncertain territory, both physical and metaphorical.”

Career highlights:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to retire from the 9-5 to raise my children, Gordon and Elsa. My new career is way more challenging than my former career and my highlights to date include listening to Elsa’s first sentences after years of struggle, Gordon receiving the ‘Good Friend’ award at St James Academy, and seeing both of their eyes light up in the footprints of Wyoming dinosaurs this summer.”