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Molly McCurdy
Education after SJA:

Maryvale Preparatory School and The University of Tennessee

Favorite Memory:

“I have many wonderful memories from my time at St. James; but, on of my favorites would have to be Field Day. I remember even as a little girl thinking how gorgeous the grounds of St. James were and getting all of the grades together for a day of nonstop activity was the best!”

How has SJA prepared you for the future?

“I have always been a very energetic and “enthusiastic” person, especially as a child, and my teachers and the community at St.James always embraced my sense of creativity and individuality. Rather than stifling my personality, my teachers helped me channel my energy into completing my tasks in a way that worked for me. Now, many years later, I truly believe it was this support I received at a young age that gave me a sense of confidence in myself to take the risks I have in my career to date. “

Career Highlights:

“After working in marketing for DoublePositive, a Baltimore-based online marketing company, I was offered an Account Manager position with Twitter in San Francisco, CA. I now have the privilege of working with some of the most well known brands in the world to develop their paid Twitter marketing strategies.”