Katelyn Newman Lewis

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Katelyn Newman
  • Bryn Mawr School for Girls
  • University of Maryland 
Favorite Memory:

“My favorite memory is being Mrs. Hannigan in the middle school play. Randi Bradley was our fantastic director and my bad singing was covered by me acting as the incapacitated and dreadful Mrs. Hannigan – I still remember a few kindergarteners and prefirsters carefully approaching me afterward!”

How has SJA prepared you for the future?

“SJA was a solid foundation to my growth into the person I am today. The teachers and students taught me so many valuable personal lessons as well as encouraged me to find my niche and pursue it with full force. I don’t believe I would be the same person if I didn’t have the love and support that the whole community provided me for the 10 years I was there.”Career Highlights:

“After graduating this past December, I now work for CNN in D.C. as a News Associate. While still low on the totem pole, I’ve loved being a part of our political coverage so far and cannot wait to see what happens in the next 10 months as we elect the next President of the United States. Besides, I’ve met so many cool people, including working with Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper almost every day as well as meeting Anderson Cooper a few times.”