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Jack Jankowski
Favorite SJA Memory:

This would have to be when Mrs. LaSeta told me that she thought I could be a sports broadcaster. It was a few small words that changed my life completely.

How has SJA prepared you for the future?

SJA taught me to think outside of the box. St. James challenged me to adapt to situations and take everything in stride. During my time at SJA, I participated in sports, student government, plays, and still managed to have time for school work. That forced me to stay flexible.

What advice can you give to the 8th graders this year?

Stay Classy. No but seriously stay calm and don’t let the hectic High School process stress you out.

Freshman Highlights:

I am doing the play-by-play commentary for McDonogh Baseball, Football, and Basketball. I also ride a scooter around campus.

What do you miss most about SJA?

I miss my teachers. You don’t know how much you love people until they are gone.