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Gregory Wright
Education after SJA:

St. Paul’s School for Boys; University of Maryland (B.A. Philosophy); Goucher College (M.A.T. Education)

Favorite Memory:

“It’s hard choosing simply one “favorite” memory from St. James but among all of my great memories is the 8th grade trip to Quebec. It was my first (and only) time I traveled to Canada so there was a great sense of novelty in having to cross the border. It was a unique experience staying in a predominantly non-English speaking part of the world. The country was beautiful and the people were lovely. There are countless memories from that trip alone, but there is one that stands out among the rest. I was and am a huge fan of hockey. We were able to muster enough interest in purchasing tickets to a Montreal Canadiens game. I was surprised and delighted that nearly everyone from the class went. Hockey in Canada is a very big event, much like football in the US. Getting to share in the thrill of the game with hockey-crazy Montrealers and with my classmates was something I will not forget. This game also featured a unique “disco” fan whom we managed to coax into performing several disco dances during the breaks in play. Never before or since have I laughed as hard as I did when he swung off his disco jacket and performed.”

Preparation for the Future:

“St. James instilled a passion for learning that remains with me. My teachers loved teaching, loved us and we loved them. I learned that you have to love what you do, and do something that matters to you to find fulfillment. This is not a lesson that you find in a textbook. It is the sort of thing you only learn being in a special place surrounded by special people.”

Interesting Hobbies:

“I have always wanted to be a virtuoso at something, particularly an “art skill”. I was not very good with musical instruments and I have a lousy singing voice. I cannot remember lines and I feel awkward on stage. My drawing is probably among the worst you’ve ever seen, and you do not want to see me dance. In short, my artistic natural abilities are rather limited. With that said, I love art and I keep trying. Maybe, one day, I will surprise myself.”