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“SJA gave me an advantageous head start on learning how to build meaningful relationships. Networking and being comfortable talking to others was a skill that I had many opportunities to practice while at St. James with parents, visitors, teachers, and staff alike. I can look back now and realize that my love for communicating and working with others began while at SJA and I have been able to build and leverage this skill to foster many meaningful opportunities in my life. Moreover, without St. James, I don’t think I would have found the deep love of learning that has continually inspired me to work harder and gain the most that I can from every opportunity presented to me.”

Calvert Hall College (Marion Burke Knott Scholar and McMullen Scholar),  Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus in Finance, Accounting and Real Estate from Cornell University. 

Garrett works at Centro in Miami, Florida in Acquisitions and Asset Management.