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Ettienne Zantop
Education after SJA:

The McDonogh School, Class of 2009, Salisbury University, BSN (Nursing), May, 2013.

Favorite Memory:

“In the eighth grade, my friends and I spent our lunch period with our English teacher, Mrs. Cottle, writing stories and journals. This kind of attention made my experience special.”

Preparation for the Future:

“Each morning at SJA, everyone recited the Academy’s honor code, whose first line states,’My goal is to be the best person that I can become.’ This reminded me that, through hard work and dedication, I could reach my dreams. The code also encouraged me to be a better person by thinking of helping others, as Mrs. Cottle, Mrs. Davis, and so many at SJA helped me. This ultimately lead me to consider nursing as a career option.”

Career Highlights:

“Immediately upon graduating from Salisbury, I was hired as a new graduate nurse in the Critical Care Department at Mercy Medical Center, another faith-based community dedicated to serving others.”