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Don and Sally Rogers

I have been enjoying my time at SJA! I find the students here engaging and I’m re-discovering that teaching middle school math can be energizing. Just before I arrived here, I was traveling the country supporting teachers by sharing techniques and strategies to assist their professional growth as educators. Before that, I taught math for nearly four decades at both the high school and middle school level. Now, I’m back at home in the middle school level, where I began my career and learned both the craft of teaching and the essential duty of teaching the whole child. I bring my approaches for engagement and motivation to my students in hopes of adding excitement and interest to their mathematics learning. When I am not engaged in teaching, I like to spend time at my shore home with my wife where we enjoy biking, kayaking, and chilling at the beach. Finally, I enjoy spending time with our three grown children and watching as they navigate their interests and find their passions.