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“When I look back on my time at St. James Academy, the lasting relationships that I have made with friends, teachers, and administrators are still very strong today. Without them my SJA experience wouldn’t have been the same and they all have helped me tremendously to get to where I am today. SJA helped instill a great work ethic in me and challenged me to be creative and solve problems. I was taught integrity and honesty and to treat others with respect.”

Loyola Blakefield, Duke University

Deemer is the founder and owner of First Class Lacrosse and has built it into a trusted resource in lacrosse. FCL drills and concepts are widely used, from college and pro coaches, down to numerous clubs and programs nationwide. Class has run training in over 35 states and for club programs such as Crabs, FCA, 91 Lacrosse, Alcatraz Outlaws, and Richmond Hawks. FCL has also run High School lacrosse team training for Taft School, Culver Academy, Montgomery Bell, and Highland Park’s men’s lacrosse teams, among others. FCL has also run virtual webinars for players and new programs in Germany, Italy and Japan, expanding the global reach. FCL is on a mission to be the world leader in lacrosse player & team development.