Claire Bailey Pitts

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Claire Bailey
Education after SJA:

Mercy High School; Spring Hill College

Favorite Memory:

“An SJA memory that always comes to mind is the leaf project in 2nd grade for Mrs. Dawson. Numerous Saturdays were spent in the car, driving around looking for the leaves needed to fill the book. It was the rare leaves that made this project memorable and interesting.”

Preparation for the Future:

“St. James Academy gave me a solid foundation, both in the spiritual and educational sense. My teachers and classmates taught me the importance of adapting to change as well as the need to adopt new, forward ways of thinking while still remaining humble. ”

Career Highlights:

“I started out at Mission as a Marketing Intern and now am a Senior Account Manager, where my primary focus is STX. I have been a part of many great projects, from mobile app development to lacrosse handle graphic designs.”