Parent Volunteer Guidelines

Participation by parents in many aspects of the school adds to the child’s sense of his/her education being a part of a larger framework of life and the community. The Patrons’ Association collates and distributes a Summer Mailer to all families. A general parent meeting is held on the first day of the school. Opportunities are presented for involvement in the school’s programs throughout the year. These volunteer opportunities are available at varying times to accommodate parent schedules. Room parents coordinate class events in cooperation with classroom teachers at each grade level. Volunteers may support the academic programs by working in the office, library, science labs, art, and technology labs. Parents also chaperone field trips and teen activities, assist with physical plant improvements, and support many fundraising efforts to supplement program materials and friend-raising events to build community at SJA. The cooperative and dedicated involvement of parents, faculty, and staff helps to maintain a close, supportive, and nurturing relationship among all elements of the school.


  • To support the school mission and philosophy
  • To assist faculty and patrons in preparation for school events, programs, and activities.
  • To conduct interactions with students in a respectful and professional manner for the benefit of student growth and development


  • Check in and out with the school office upon your arrival and departure
  • To assure family/student privacy avoid repeating what is heard or seen about an individual child’s academic or behavioral standing
  • To assure accurate communications parents are encouraged to see the head or other SJA administrators for clarification of any rumors


  • If as a parent volunteer you have concerns about a student’s behavior feel free to consult with a supervising faculty member for guidance.
  • Active supervision by parents will help normal student conflicts from escalating.


  • To assure the safety of all, parents should not be alone with any student behind a closed door out of direct observation of another adult
  • To maintain a safe environment by recognizing the potential for accidents before they happen