Carpool and Parking Procedures

Beginning at 8:10 a.m. each morning, faculty members will be on duty to greet your children at each of two porch entrances and the SJC Pavilion – The Hound Pound.

To ensure a safe and efficient entrance, students who arrive before 8:15 a.m. opening may wait for entrance into school as indicated below:

  • Students in Eighth Grade may proceed directly to the Eighth Grade Lounge;
  • Students in Seventh Grade assemble at the St. James Center Pavilion;
  • Students in grades PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, First, and Second assemble on the Academy porch entrance. Students line up according to grade.;
  • Students in grades Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth assemble on the Parish Lobby porch entrance. Students line up according to grade.

To maintain a one-way traffic pattern, all cars enter the LOWER ENTRANCES ONLY (from Monkton Road or Old York Road) and follow a single line through the lower parking lot. Pull your vehicle forward in a single line beginning at the upper (Parish Lobby Porch) entrance down to the St. James Center. Children should exit car on passenger side directly onto the sidewalk. Once all cars are unloaded, this group of cars exits together. NO PASSING OR PULLING OUT OF LINE, PLEASE. It is respectfully requested that parents refrain from cell phone use while in the carpool line.

If you must enter the building for any reason, please drop your child off in carpool and then proceed to a parking space. Should you need to park and escort your child into the building, please proceed to a parking space in the lower parking lot (ample parking spaces available) and enter the building with your child. Please do not permit your child to leave the parked car and walk to the school or parish entrances unescorted.

At both the 3:00 p.m. (PreKindergarten-5th Grades; all Grades on Fridays and half days) and 4:15 p.m. carpools (Middle School athletics, study hall, and clubs), cars line up – bumper to bumper – along the Academy drive. The first car in each of the carpool lines (three lines for 3:00 p.m., only two lines for 4:15 p.m.) should PULL UP TO THE CARRIAGE STEPS MOUNTING BLOCK (NEAR THE MONKTON ROAD EXIT) to allow for maximum loading. Please leave open space in front of the school lobby walkways to allow space for children to exit into carpool lines from the same porches by grade (as listed on the diagram on back). As we are a Green School, please turn off your engine while waiting. Cars parking in the Church lot must be backed into spaces.

At 3:00 p.m. the dismissal duty teachers will release students from the porches when all cars have stopped and adults have arrived to retrieve them. Please stand clear of porch entrance areas as children exit the building so they may be identified, retrieved, and loaded into cars quickly and efficiently. Adults MUST escort children to a parked car (along the cemetery walls, the Old York Road Drive, or the school or church parking lots). If a duty teacher is in sight, please respect carpool signals. When the 3:00 p.m. carpool lines begin to exit at 3:10 p.m. promptly, no pedestrians will be permitted to leave the porch areas. If you are in carpool and your child is not ready or has forgotten something in the building, please exit with the line of cars, reenter the lower driveway, and advance to the end of the carpool. Note that both the Monkton Road and the Old York Road entrances are two-way and extreme caution must be exercised at all times.

PLEASE do not leave your car in the carpool line to enter the school building. Others may not be able to leave until you return. If you have business inside the school during carpool, please park so that your vehicle will not interrupt the flow of carpool.
Thank you for complying with these guidelines ~ They assure safety for all.