Welcome Parents!

St. James Academy parent and teacher.Parents play an essential role in the life of the Academy. Parental participation in school events helps to instill in our children a sense of continuity among home, school, and the wider community. Interaction of parents, faculty, and staff creates an atmosphere conducive to fostering the close, interpersonal relationships that are the hallmark of the SJA experience. Every parent is welcomed and encouraged to become an active member of the SJA community.

Ever wonder what SJA community members are talking about when they mention IB? Ag Day? Carriage Steps? Cocoa House? Judges Booth? Moving Up Day? Familiarize yourself with all the terminology you hear around campus! Click here!


“SJA is a magical place. I love the individualized attention my three unique girls receive here and I know SJA is truly treating the whole child and helping develop well rounded leaders and contributors to society.”

— Maria Stamas, SJA Parent

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