While previous campaigns have focused on building and enhancing our beautiful campus, the Honoring Our Legacy ~ Strengthening Our Future Campaign will primarily focus growing the endowment. Our $5,200,000 campaign focuses on SJA’s four most pressing needs:

We have strong support for growing the endowment. In a comprehensive planning study, our SJA family placed the highest importance on growing the Faculty Excellence Endowment (94%) and Unrestricted Endowment (75%).

Our endowment, compared to similar schools, is well below where it should be. Growing endowment will help us compete for the highest caliber faculty and staff, prepare for difficult economic times, and support new programming.

Athletic Enhancements – The Pavilion

Fund for Faculty Excellence – $3,000,000

SJA is facing a natural evolution with many long-term teachers beginning to retire and increasing competition from other schools to attract and retain top educators. By developing funds to support teachers, SJA seeks to increase and expand opportunities for personal and professional enrichment. This fund will stimulate learning and growth by focusing on faculty and staff.

Build Unrestricted Endowment – $1,000,000

The campaign also seeks to build on the Academy’s unrestricted endowment – now $3,000,000. A robust endowment is essential to securing the future of our school and to supporting new initiatives not included in the annual budget. Beyond a buffer against hard times, the endowment will provide annual support to SJA to offset other costs, expand financial assistance and support various programs. 

Enhanced Athletics – $1,000,000

To understand why an enhanced athletics program is an essential part of the SJA campaign, consider the school’s proven investment in its arts and music program. A challenging and competitive athletic program is a critical missing component in SJA’s otherwise well-rounded curriculum for students. Students deserve the same professional guidance and updated facilities on the field as they enjoy in the classroom. A stronger athletic program will help fortify SJA’s reputation and attract new students and supporters.

Grow Annual Support – $200,000

An essential campaign element is to grow the Annual Fund. This unrestricted fund helps to offset costs not met by tuition and enhances instructional experiences and program initiatives. It also provides resources to faculty for academics, technology, the arts, and other classroom tools. The Annual Fund will ensure that everyone in our community – parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and other friends – will have the opportunity to make a profound impact in the lives of our students, teachers, and community.

How You Can Help

Encourage others to give.



Campaign Executive Committee

Campaign Co-Chairs
Angela Class
Tom Moore

Campaign Vice-Chairs
Jessie & Freddie Sheckells

Board of Trustees Chairs
Rob Glushakow
Lynn Lazzaro
Martin Porter

Faculty & Staff Chair
Laura Glushakow

Alumni, Community, Foundation Chairs
Sandy Doeller
Suzanne Fischer-Huettner
Matt Rockstroh

Parents & Grandparents Chairs
Christina Markakis
Diana Weglein

Leadership Chairs
Gunner Beattie
Betty Contino
Bryan Lopez

Honorary Chairs
Bill Berndt
Don Greenawalt
Chip Lewis