SJA Leadership

The Academy is a nonprofit organization governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to focus in one body the responsibility for setting the policies of the Academy and overseeing its management subject to the supervision of the Vestry of St. James Church. The Board meets five times per year to consider the recommendations of its 10 committees. Officers and members are chosen by the Board and approved by the Vestry from a list of nominees who represent Academy, Parish, and community members. Trustees are encouraged to attend meetings and conferences sponsored by AIMS and other professional organizations.


  • Robert Glushakow, President
  • Mr. Martin Porter, Vice-President
  • Mrs. Denise Shaffer, Secretary
  • Mr. Chris Wooten, Treasurer
  • The Rev. Dr. Carol Pinkham Oak, Rector
  • Mrs. Maureen Walsh, Interim Head of School
  • Mr. Don Greenawalt, Junior Warden
  • Mrs. Diane Weglein, Patrons’ President
  • Mr. Thomas Moore (’79), Emeritus
  • Mr. William Berndt, Emeritus
  • Mr. Trevor Lewis, Jr., Emeritus
  • Mr. Richard Beattie
  • Mrs. Betty Contino
  • Mrs. Angela Class
  • Dr. Azar Etesamypour-King
  • Mrs. Suzanne Fischer-Huettner
  • Mr. Edward Kohls
  • Mr. Eric Moran
  • Mr. Charles Noell
  • Mr. Adam Snavely


  • Mrs. Maureen Walsh, Interim Head of School
  • Mrs. Elena Baranowski, Marketing and Summer Camp Director
  • Ms. Judy Connelly, Director of Development
  • Mr. Tim Deyesu, Athletic Director
  • Mrs. Lisa Davis, Middle School Head; Academic Resource Coordinator
  • Ms. Lori Dembo, Lower School Head
  • Mr. Joe Edel, IT Consultant
  • Mrs. Becky Forsythe, Business Manager
  • Mrs. Katie E. Wareheim, Director of Admission & Enrollment Management
  • Mrs. Carol Fry, Facilities Manager
  • Mrs. Katherine Taylor, Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Lucie Pentz, Child Psychologist

Student Council Officers

  • Connor Basham, President
  • Kennedy Moore, Vice-President
  • Abby Schuster, Secretary
  • Alex Blum, Treasurer
  • Sophia Sotirakos, Historian

The Patrons’ Association

The Patrons’ Association is composed of all parents, guardians, and supporters of Academy students. Parents play an important role in the life of St. James Academy. The Patrons’ Association sponsors events contributing to and supporting a sense of family, belonging, and caring which is the essence of St. James Academy. Parental participation in school events helps to instill in our children a sense of continuity among home, school, and community members. Interaction of parents, faculty, and staff creates an atmosphere conducive to fostering the close, interpersonal relationships that are necessary for the enrichment of all children.

Patrons’ Association Board

  • Mrs. Diana Weglein, President
  • Mrs. Jessie Sheckells, Vice President
  • Mrs. Kennon Hanna, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Christina Markakis, Secretary/Room Parent Coordinator
  • Ms. Kristen Foard, Past President
  • Mrs. Rhonda Alonso, Middle School Coordinator