From the Director of Development

St. James Academy touches the lives of our children in a unique way with dedicated teachers delivering a rigorous curriculum in a caring environment. The Academy’s expanded physical plant provides opportunities that will help prepare the students for the demands of higher education in the future. Creating this positive learning experience for our children requires the financial commitment of our parents and friends.

Independent schools generate needed funds through a variety of activities: Annual Giving Campaigns, Endowment, Capital Campaigns and other fund raising efforts.

Each of these endeavors adds strength and depth to our entire community. Participation by parents in many aspects of the school enhances each student’s sense of being part of a larger framework of life and community. I ask that you make the Academy a priority in your charitable giving plans. I have come to believe strongly that annual giving; endowment, capital campaigns and fund raising are all important and essential elements of a successful independent educational community. These efforts have created a school, community, and faculty of which we are all proud.

– Judy Connelly, Director of Development