Welcome to St. James Girls Rec Lacrosse!

St. James Academy Rec LacrosseOur goals are simple: to introduce the great game of lacrosse and to grow strong, happy girls. We believe the purpose of rec lacrosse is, indeed, recreation—a place for girls to engage in a fun, healthy activity with friends. We meet girls where they are, from those who just want to get some exercise and try something new, to girls who develop a passion for the game and hope to play at a high level.

To achieve these goals, we use dedicated parent volunteer coaches, trained through U.S. Lacrosse certification programs, to teach fundamental lacrosse skills. As they learn skills, girls gain confidence and understand that hard work pays off. As they compete, they learn how to respect their teammates, opponents, and officials; and to give 100% effort as part of something larger than themselves. Our girls have fun and play hard.

Many of our players are from St. James Academy, but many are not, and the friendships formed across local schools are special. We invite and welcome your family to our program, and we look forward to meeting your daughter on the field. Please reach out if you have any questions or we can assist in any way.

Tricia Schuster
Commissioner, St. James Recreation Girls’ Lacrosse

Girls’ Beginner Clinic—birthdate must be between 9/1/09 – 8/31/11
This clinic is a fun first introduction to lacrosse for girls in Kindergarten through 1st grade. The girls will learn the basics of cradling, scooping ground balls, catching, throwing and shooting, primarily through fun drills and relays. This clinic will likely be held for one hour on Sunday afternoons.

Tyker–birthdate must be between 9/1/07 – 8/31/09
1-2 practices per week; 1-2 games per week.  Tyker is for Second and Third graders (who meet the birthdate qualification) who are ready for a more competitive lacrosse environment.  Practices will introduce more advanced concepts and game strategy.  This team will participate in MYLA.  All Tyker players must have a St. James uniform.  Please order directly through the link below.

Lightning–birthdate must be between 9/1/05 – 8/31/07
1-2 practices per week; 1-2 games per week.  Lightning is for all Fourth and Fifth graders (who meet the birthdate qualification) regardless of ability.  Anyone who would like to learn and play the game of lacrosse is welcome. All Lightning players must have a St. James uniform.  Please order directly through the link below.

In some cases, your daughter may choose to play up a level, but in no case may a player play down. Some third graders will age up to the Lightning level due to birthday, while others may have another year at Tyker. Likewise, some 5th graders may be eligible, while a few may age out of the program. Please be accurate re: dates. If you have questions, please contact me at dpschuste@gmail.com.


For anyone that needs a new uniform, this year we are using a new uniform company that offers better sizing and offers the uniform as separate, less expensive pieces. We have removed the name from the uniforms so that they may be passed down or sold at the used uniform sale. Please click on each piece to see the applicable size chart. If your daughter already has a number from a prior uniform, please select that number. If this is your daughter’s first uniform, please contact me at dpschuste@gmail.com, and I will assign her a number for you to select on the order form. No uniforms necessary for Beginner Clinic. Please note that to ensure on-time delivery, last day for uniform orders is February 5th.

Order Uniforms