Garrett Beck


Education after SJA, clubs, interests, etc:
I went to Calvert Hall and graduated in 2017. While there, I was a member of the jazz band as a guitarist for four years as well as a member of the wrestling team for four years. I went on to attend Cornell University and graduated with a major in Finance, Accounting, and Business Strategy. I have plans to commission as an officer in the US Army National Guard and to work full-time with a telehealth startup in New York City.

Highlights, awards, achievements:
I received a full scholarship to Cornell through its ROTC program. I also became a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity in my freshman year. I was elected as Treasurer of one of Cornell’s largest student-run businesses, the Cornell Media Guild, a three-wing media organization comprised of a record label, an FM radio station, and an online media platform. For Calvert Hall, I received a full, four-year Marion Burke Knott scholarship and was selected as a McMullen Scholar, of which there were 30 in our class of 300. I graduated in the top 5% of all 2017 Maryland students as a National AP Scholar, a Maryland State Scholar of Merit, and a National Honor Society member.

How did SJA Prepare you for the future:
I would say that SJA gave me an advantageous head start on learning how to build meaningful relationships. Networking and being comfortable talking to others was a skill that I had many opportunities to practice while at Saint James with parents, visitors, teachers, and staff alike. I can look back now and realize that my love for communicating and working with others began while at SJA and I have been able to build and leverage this skill to foster many meaningful opportunities in my life. Without St. James, I don’t think I would have found the deep love of learning that has continually inspired me to work harder and gain the most that I can from every opportunity presented to me.

Favorite SJA memory:
My favorite SJA memory would have to be working as a member of the SJA radio crew as we were building the studio and developing the format for our broadcasts. Being so involved with and responsible for something new and exciting at school was an amazing experience, and I have to shout out to Mr. Edel for being such a patient and caring mentor for the whole radio team. Students will find that there are tons of opportunities to make an impact at SJA that are enriching, meaningful, memorable, and fun.