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Room Parents

Social Coordinators welcome families at the beginning of the school year, create grade level SUGs for classroom events, organize social events, take pictures of events and purchase assigned teacher and staff gifts throughout the year.

Classroom Communicators will check in with their teacher(s) for news to share and send a weekly communication to their class by Sunday at 12 pm throughout the school year, referencing grade-level information for the upcoming week throughout the year.

For questions about the Room Parent Committee, please contact vicepresident@saintjamesacademy.org.

Saint James Academy
Young Foxhounds 2's

Social: Abbie Gisriel
Communicator: Elizabeth Shue

Young Foxhounds 3's

Social: Sara Peregoy
Communicator: Liz McAbee


Social: Shannon McGinley
Communicator: Jillian Temple


Social: Lindsay Williams
Communicator: Alissa Poggi

First Grade

Social: Tricia Woodford
Communicator: Meredith Dyott

Second Grade

Social: Michelle Gorra
Communicator:  Kelli Hughes

Third Grade

Social: Jessica Best
Communicator: Angel Windsor

Fourth Grade

Social: Sami Foti
Communicator: Susan Keatley

Fifth Grade

Social: Amanda Schiavino
Communicator:  Lisa Armacost

Sixth Grade

Social: La’Tai Jenkins
Communicator: Michelle Semian

Seventh Grade

Social: Lauren Swope
Communicator: Kristin Kober

Eighth Grade

Social: Leslie Gibbons
Communicator: Jeff Sanders