SJA Celebrates 60 Years!

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SJA’s 60th birthday will be marked by a celebration tonight honoring the artwork and musical talent of SJA students. From the beginning in 1821 to the reestablishment in 1957, the Academy has followed the Episcopal tradition of recognizing the gifts that each child brings to the world. Known as one of the most prestigious schools in Baltimore County, students are offered opportunities to explore academics, the arts, and athletics. The programs provided to students enhance and open young minds to think beyond the classroom and into the world.

“The future of St. James Academy is flourishing. Our school community is one of reflection and innovation and is an ideal environment for children to learn, grow, and blossom into young people. This celebration marks the success of St. James Academy and showcases the whole community,” said Karl Adler, Head of School. Our Artist-in-Residence, Mr. Eli Hess, will culminate the evening with his installation of Geomtree. Mr. Hess has collaborated with students to create an outstanding piece of artwork.

The Middle School Program at St. James Academy

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By: Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, SJA Parent 

With the holiday approaching and application deadlines looming I hear chatter in the halls of St. James from both students and parents trying to decide whether to continue at St. James for middle school or move to another school in search of the perfect fit.  We all want the best experience for our child and in the Baltimore area there are so many excellence schools to fit every personality and learning style.  My daughter Bella started St. James in Kindergarten and elementary school years were filled with laughter, learning, nurturing and a personalized approach to her needs and abilities.  She tried every sport, sang, acted, learned chess and jumped at every chance to join in whatever activity was presented.  By fifth grade, we could clearly see she was growing into a pre-teen and expected to be treated differently.  She was coming out of her shell and needed a school that would challenge her personally and academically while still providing the small community feel we have come to love.  She wanted to be respected for her abilities, continue to try new things, pull away from the younger kids and given the freedom and independence she and her friends have clearly earned.

The middle school program at St. James accomplishes those goals and so much more.  My husband and I kept hearing about the International Baccalaureate program but honestly did not understand what that truly meant until Bella was immersed in it.  Even though she spends her days in Northern Baltimore County she is exposed to racial, cultural and religious differences through speakers, her academic classes and open discussions.  She travels around the world not only learning facts and dates but instead learning the reason behind religious differences, wars, tragedy and celebrations.  She is given the opportunity to express her opinions even if they go against the norm and has been challenged to articulate her beliefs through spoken and written word. Read More

SJA’s Middle School Experience

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Thoughtfully influencing the adolescent’s school life











  • International Baccalaureate (IB) World School designation—develops globally aware students who are knowledgeable, collaborative, innovative and strong problem solvers
  • Instruction is based on: INQUIRY-> INVESTIGATION -> REFLECTION
  • Responsive schedule in which students have two classes followed by a snack break, two classes followed by lunch, then two classes followed by sports or other after school activities
  • Advisory gathering each morning focusing on character development, living in community
  • Daily activity period includes student forums, study hall/teacher consultations, chapel, band/chorus, advisory
  • Scholars Program featuring interscholastic academic competitions
  • Technology integrated in classroom instruction plus separate tech classes (A MacBook Air laptop is provided by SJA for each student –classroom instruction and separate IB tech classes
  • 3 club sessions each year—including dance, music theater, Segway tinkering, needle felting, yoga and many other choices
  • Musical production in which more than two-thirds of middle school students participate
  • Leadership opportunities throughout including student council, chapel, radio studio, musical performances, musical theater, athletics, technology and more
  • Over-night class trips to Echo Hill, Horizons Mountain Campus, and Disney World
  • Transitions class for all 6th graders—executive skill strategies, mindfulness training, tech tools
  • Career exploration in 7th grade including an off-campus opportunity to shadow a professional
  • 8th Grade Seminar—Leadership and High School Prep; Formal Research Paper/Community Project; Tech
  • Teen Center activity nights include outdoor games, indoor sports, DJ and fun for all

Spotlight on Ms. Kim Gailey

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Career Highlights:

12043164_1046313398736796_4868066081536496633_n“Since I just graduated from Lebanon Valley College this May, this is my first teaching career, and it is an absolute honor to be a part of the St. James Academy teaching faculty and community. During my student teaching experience at Annville Elementary School in Annville, PA, I was an after-school tutor for the year for grades 3-6.

I had many very unique experiences and opportunities. I give my mom a great deal of credit for getting me involved with so many of them! When I was in elementary school, I participated in Wilson College’s summer enrichment camp (SEEDS) every summer until my 8th-grade year. After that, I became an instructor for their camps for Irish dancing and taught for a total of five summers before I began college.

In 10th grade, I did an independent study project on one-room schoolhouses and spent time at the Cliff Island School on Cliff Island off the coast of Portland, Maine. I taught a unit of study on the Southwestern Native Americans and have been back since then four other times doing other units of study on the Pony Express and Jackson Pollack.”

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