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2014-2015 School Year

Moving Up Day!

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On Wednesday afternoon, we gathered to celebrate the end of the school year with a Moving Up Day ceremony. This is a beautiful service where we recognize that our 8th Grade students are moving on to join SJA alumni and our 4th – 7th Grade students are now moving up a grade. Also, each member of our Student Council transfers leadership to the newly elected officers. The purpose of Moving Up Day is not only to mark the end of the school year, but also to mark the beginning of the new journey each student will take through St. James Academy and celebrate their future as they embark on a new chapter.

Please enjoy the video.


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SJA Experience As the school year is coming to an end, this is a time for the faculty and school community to reflect and grow as well. As you walk the campus, take a moment to stop and admire the student work in the hallways and classrooms. What a vibrant community of students, innovators, designers, and professionals we have here. This is a very special place. Our students develop and thrive in our community where they have many opportunities to take on leadership roles and participate in activities. Read More

Spotlight on Mrs. Jill Rowan

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jillAfter 21 years of dedicated service, Mrs. Jill Rowan will be leaving St. James Academy to pursue her interest in providing hospice care. Her commitment and passion for the community will never be forgotten. Please join the St. James Academy community in thanking Mrs. Rowan for her dedication and expertise.

What does St. James Academy mean to you?

A place where we can all stretch, from the youngest student in kindergarten to the most experienced teacher or parent. The opportunity to grow is here in this community, if you look for it and are willing to take it on.

What will you miss most about St. James?

Middle school recess, the energy of students in the building, the rich sound of singing in the hallways, and amazing art being made all year long. I can’t even begin with the amazing colleagues…

What do you want the students to learn from you?

  • To listen to themselves and each other.
  • To recognize what you do well, and take risks to expand – confidence is irresistible.
  • Realize that mistakes are going to happen, and that our biggest mistakes will be competent guides if we can let go of our fear.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Kayaking, concerts, theater and learning something new, especially something scientific or physical (there’s always plenty of laughter with the physical). This past weekend I went four-wheeling in the mountains of Pennsylvania for the first time.

Who inspired you growing up?

My seventh grade teacher was a great role model, I wish I had not been so difficult.

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St. James Academy’s Horse and Pony Show

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Horse-and-Pony-ShowOne of the many traditions celebrated at St. James Academy is the Horse and Pony Show. This event brings many families to share a delicious lunch, purchase Mother’s Day plants, and enjoy the beautiful campus. A special thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated in this event on May 2nd.

Did you know this special tradition started in the 1920’s? A few well-organized ladies decided it was about time to host a Horse & Pony Show in My Lady’s Manor. SJA’s beautiful campus was the perfect setting! And so, the tradition continues annually on the first Saturday of May.

Congratulations to all of the St. James Riders:

  • Claire James (Kindergarten)
    Champion in Leadline Division
  • Addision Huffman (Grade 1)
    Champion in Mini Short Stirrup
  • Molly Stout (Grade 1)
    Reserve Champion in Mini Short Stirrup
  • Elizabeth Stout (Grade 2)
  • Phineas Westerlund (Grade 4)
  • Emma Bouchard (Grade 5)
    Reserve Champion in Long Stirrup
    Reserve Champion St. James Classic
  • Hal Westerlund (Grade 5)
  • Sophia Caban (Grade 7)
  • Olivia Cocks (Grade 7)
    Champion St. James Classic
  • Renae Stamas (Grade 7)
    Champion Beginner Rider
  • Ms. Theofiles (Middle School Teacher)

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