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By: Tricia Schuster, SJA Parent

tc9Yesterday morning we took stock of where we are—time to test the cars. With Rolling Lightning already hill-certified, the girls reach the bottom next. Dance party breaks out.

Next up, Team Swedish Batman Hello Kitties. We’re all waiting. And still waiting. And the boys are futzing around. Taking helmets on and off. Changing pilots. Changing rope. And at some point, after more prodding, they give Mark a look that says “You don’t really expect us to actually ride down that hill in this thing?” But Mark—and all the other kids too—they believe, so we all keep prodding, and soon enough the rad-painted sprint car with the fin on top is loaded and ready for launch. We discuss physics and safety—how fast will this cart travel and why? what are the dangers inherent in its design? how can they be minimized? A super loud 1-2-3, they launch, and before you can worry, they’re safely at the bottom. Totally intact. And the boys pretend they knew all along that the trip and the car would be epic because, of course, they made it themselves.

Our most sophisticated design from Team Gear/Hammer/Saw makes it to the bottom, but heads back to the tent to get stronger and safer. This team teaches us the most important lessons of the day: setbacks make you smarter; and good design evolves.

With vehicles finished, the obstacle course challenges start to appear. By the end of the day, they are BIG (12 feet high); they are SMART (each team plays to its strengths, and, with great purpose, the other teams’ weaknesses); and they are WET. #ON TASK ALL WET ALL DAY ALL AWESOME. We’re ready for showtime.