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December is my favorite month of the year. Most would think it’s because of the obvious…presents, but the truth is I love it because of the kindness that seems to be everywhere. I hear Christmas music playing and can’t help but sing along…even when my family objects! Most importantly though I sense the true feeling of community, both in school and out.  We have had great toy drives and our first Student Council bake sale of the year, which was a big success.

In lower school all I cared about  were the presents and now I just cant wait to see how excited the little students get when they have a chance to shop on their own. It really is amazing to see.

We are also looking forward to the newly themed Winter Wonderland Dance on December 18th and finishing high school applications.

As the year comes to its end, please take time to thank your families for everything they do for you each day. I know I am so grateful. Happy holidays!