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Horse-and-Pony-ShowOne of the many traditions celebrated at St. James Academy is the Horse and Pony Show. This event brings many families to share a delicious lunch, purchase Mother’s Day plants, and enjoy the beautiful campus. A special thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated in this event on May 2nd.

Did you know this special tradition started in the 1920’s? A few well-organized ladies decided it was about time to host a Horse & Pony Show in My Lady’s Manor. SJA’s beautiful campus was the perfect setting! And so, the tradition continues annually on the first Saturday of May.

Congratulations to all of the St. James Riders:

  • Claire James (Kindergarten)
    Champion in Leadline Division
  • Addision Huffman (Grade 1)
    Champion in Mini Short Stirrup
  • Molly Stout (Grade 1)
    Reserve Champion in Mini Short Stirrup
  • Elizabeth Stout (Grade 2)
  • Phineas Westerlund (Grade 4)
  • Emma Bouchard (Grade 5)
    Reserve Champion in Long Stirrup
    Reserve Champion St. James Classic
  • Hal Westerlund (Grade 5)
  • Sophia Caban (Grade 7)
  • Olivia Cocks (Grade 7)
    Champion St. James Classic
  • Renae Stamas (Grade 7)
    Champion Beginner Rider
  • Ms. Theofiles (Middle School Teacher)