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12106920_1056002394434563_4583908963267833306_nSt. James Academy Running Club is a new program this year for students in grades second through fourth grade. Over a period of 7 weeks, students have participated in this after-school program that promotes the love of running. Led by Mrs. Baranowski, Ms. Glace, and Mrs. Markakis, students set goals each week, as well as partake in fun running activities. The program is designed to inspire each runner to recognize their strength and abilities, while focusing on teamwork, determination, and perseverance. Each practice motivates students to develop strategies and set personal goals for achievement.

“My drive to be a part of this running program came from my own love and passion for running and movement. I think it is so important that children begin to incorporate movement into their own lives at a young age. The feeling of accomplishment and success after completing an hour of running empowers children to see their full potential.”

— Christina Markakis, Running Coach


On October 11, 2015, the Running Club participated in the Charm City Kids run in Sparks and each runner finished the race successfully!

Congratulations to the top winners! For the 7 & 8 age group: Ava Basham came in first for the girls and Grace Gaspar came in third. Frankie Alonso came in second for the boys. For the 9 & 10 age group: Spencer O’Polka came in first for the girls and Lulu Thapa came in second. Jed Lazenby came in second for the boys and Lange Gaspar came in third.

On Tuesday afternoon at 3:15 pm, support our runners for an SJA Fun Run with activities for all!!