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We asked Mr. and Mrs. Letersky to tell us about Cub Scout Pack 116.

Can you please provide a summary of what it means to be a part of the Cub Scout Pack 116?

a5a6b447-128d-481a-9f3b-2ab949a6c5e6“Being a Cub Scout means you have the strength of the entire Pack. Scouting incorporates individual achievements, personal growth, charitable activities, all encompassed in an organization that explores a wide range of activities from learning, working as a team, and bettering your community all while having fun and making lifelong memories!”

What are the goals for this program?

“The basic goal of the Cub Scout program is to mirror and extend many of the values taught at SJA each and every day. The Cub Scout Oath and Law reflect the values and principles recited in the SJA Honor Code. The Pack draws inspiration and guidance from Fr. Barton throughout the year. It is also our goal to continue the Pack’s growth as we have done over the last several years. Our growth has made us one of the largest Packs in our District. Our solid program has attracted boys from other schools, who have joined our Pack, because of the strong and rewarding benefits our program has to offer.”

In what types of activities do the boys participate?

“The Cub Scouts participate in a wide range of activities that encompass the required elements of Scouting. While Cub Scouts love to camp, we do a lot more than just camping. We host charitable events, visit monuments, museums, factories and national parks, create amazing visual displays, play games and sports, and learn social and survival skills that will serve Scouts well now and through adulthood.”

Highlights from this year:

a4a58624-e2bf-47fe-9cd2-737bf93802cb“The experiences we have had this year are endless starting with our many charitable contributions. We have made blankets and casserole dishes for the homeless, provided Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for needy families (our Tiger Den even went as far as providing a stove for their needy family from funds they raised), picked and delivered bushels of apples for Paul’s Place and made treat bags for our area Veterans for Veteran’s Day. One of our favorite charitable events this year was the ice cream social we hosted for a group of seniors. Our Scouts toured the Turkey Hill Ice Cream Factory and learned all about the ice cream making process. They were then able to share their ice cream making knowledge with the seniors during the social. Cub Scouts donned old-fashioned ice cream hats, shared ice cream trivia, all while serving ice cream sundaes and socializing with their guests. Our Scouts were lucky to have met a 93-year-old WWII Veteran at the social and discovered that chocolate ice cream is his all-time favorite!

Our second most memorable experience would be our younger Tiger and Wolf Dens, joining together, with the leadership of their fellow Webelos Scouts, Daniel Barlow and William Herling, for a two-day Indian themed camping experience at Camp Puh-tok here in Monkton. We started Friday night off with an all you can eat spaghetti dinner for our Scouts and their families. Everyone came back on Saturday morning for a scrumptious pancake breakfast, followed by a nature hike, hunting for buffalo (with our own homemade bamboo spears), and teepee and traditional instrument making. We finished out our day with a dinner of Bison burgers, created with bison meat from our local Gunpowder Bison farm, and all the fixings. The day wouldn’t have been complete without the campfire jamboree, instrument playing, and skit presentations, all created by our very own Scouts.

While these highlights would probably be on each of our Scouts’ list, as leaders, our greatest highlight is watching our Scouts grow and the comradery and bond they share with their fellow Scouts which we know will last a lifetime!”