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McKay is a hummingbird!By: Kelly Wilson- Fifth Grade Teacher

Eden Mill Nature Center is a place where students can explore and be curious about the environment. Our students strive to be curious and are willing to take risks and participate in understanding and learning about the natural world around them.

The opportunities that were presented to us allowed the students to make connections. Hold a bee on the tip of your finger, pretend to be a hummingbird and “suck” the nectar from a flower and you have a perfect demonstration for pollination. The students learned how plants “move” from one part of the world to another. Some plants were developed by Native Americans and cultivated as a major food source before 1481.

photo-2 Canoeing was the highlight of the trip. We hooted like a screech owl and observed snakes, turtles, herons and other wildlife as we paddled along Deer Creek.