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Dear Parents, Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Friends of the Academy:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees,  I would like to welcome you the ’17-’18 Academic Year at SJA, and particularly to our new families, we welcome you to SJA. You are about to embark on a wonderful experience with your children who are the ultimate beneficiaries of all that the Academy and this community has to offer.

While much has transpired since the end of the ’16-’17 school year, SJA has experienced nothing but positive developments.  You should know that through the hard work of your Board of Trustees, its committees, SJA’s administrative team, faculty and staff, the Academy has in place an extraordinary Interim Head in Maureen Walsh.  In no small part, the parents who took the time to respond to our Interim Head Survey were instrumental in allowing us to arrive at a final decision in selecting Maureen. To that I say, thank you!

Please know further that the Athletic Committee, through the leadership of Ed Kohls, has initiated the permitting process to begin construction of an outdoor Athletic Pavilion and Athletic Field improvements beginning this Fall (a direct result of our Capital Campaign!). When you see Ed and members of his committee, who include Bryan Lopez, Fred Sheckells, Kevin Culley and Mr. Deyseu, a mention of thanks would be appreciated. They worked tirelessly over the summer on this project, although I am sure they are embarrassed by my public acknowledgment of their generous volunteer service.

Now to the matter at hand, the process to begin the Permanent Head Selection Process (PH).  The Board has approved, at the Board Level, the establishment of a Head Selection  Committee (HSC).  The purpose of the HSC will  be to  spearhead the PH process.   The following persons have agreed  to serve on the HSC:  myself, Denise Shaffer (Chair), Tom Moore (Co-Chair), Martin Porter, Chris Wooten, Gunner Beattie, Adam Snavely along with the addition of Charlie Noell  and  Mrs. Diane Weglein (Patrons President).

Briefly, and to give you some background, this group has developed a sense of interdependence and synergy which is based on the past involvement in the Interim Head (IH) selection process.  Your Board feels strongly  that the PH process should reflect a natural flow from the IH selection process into this phase of selecting a permanent head. Thus, a continuation of the core committee genuinely reflects that continuity.  The addition of Charlie Noell and Diane Weglein serves to round out the interest of the Board and the parents group, respectively.

Please be assured that you our parents, students, alumni, administrative team and faculty will be provided opportunities for meaningful input in the PH process, and there will be more to say about that as we embark on this process.  Also, you will be notified regularly of the official status of this process through the Foxhound Focus and postings on the Academy’s website.

To our entire Academy community, thank you for your patience and support throughout this process and we have much to look forward to.

Respectfully Submitted,
Board of Trustees
By: /s/ Rob Glushakow, President