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By: Mrs. Unkle
First Grade Teacher

Though the majority of people are ready for warm weather, our class is excited about the cold! Wepost3 have become scientists who are currently researching the weather. Our  studies have taken us to new heights. Each day we venture outside to use our cloud finders to identify the types of clouds in the sky.  We will be using our information to learn how different types of precipitations form.

Our weather unit moves us smoothly into our study to see how temperature affects the lives of animals in the wild. Hibernation, adaptation, and migration are terms that will be heard frequently from these budding scientists. On Tuesday we made severalpost different types of bird feeders and placed them around the campus to provide food for those creatures who choose to stay in this environment.

If you happen to be walking by and see us glancing upward, please feel free to share in our excitement.