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Can you solve this math problem?

A four-digit integer, WXYZ, in which W, X, Y and Z each represents a different digit, is formed according to the following rules:

  1. X = W + Y + Z
  2. W = Y + 1
  3. Z = W – 5

What is the four-digit integer?

St. James Academy students participate in math Counts!Do you have the answer? If you like this type of problem, you may be a candidate for SJA’s Math Counts program! Math Counts is a program designed to stimulate student interest in math. Students are motivated to do well and compete at annual competitions. The program promotes critical-thinking and problem-solving. This year, our team of nine students competed at Franklin High School in Owings Mills, Maryland, on Saturday, February 1. During the competition, contestants  were tested on various math problems. SJA students did an outstanding job applying their learned math strategies.

St. James Academy has had a Math Counts team for the past 10 years and some of these students have gone on to become local scholarship winners and Math Merit Finalists. Several of SJA’s MathCounts competitors are pursuing a career in math or technical PhDs.

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