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By: Mrs. Lebron- Fourth Grade Teacher

We cruised through October here in fourth grade. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes when we are busy learning and exploring.

blog4gradeThe class began its study of Egypt last month. We had two visitors join us in the classroom and share their knowledge of Egypt. Our first visitor, Ferris, came to us all of the way from Dubai. Ferris is a cousin of our sixth grade student, Isa, and he talked to the class about contemporary life in Egypt and Dubai. He shared information about the weather in that region, which gave our students a good opportunity to combine both their science and social studies skills (i.e., weather and maps). Our next visitor, Tarek Tutunji, taught the students the Arabic alphabet and how to write their names in Arabic.  He is studying International Relations at Johns Hopkins University. The class was very eager to learn the alphabet and the students decorated our classroom door with our Arabic names!

4gradeblogIn addition to learning about writing and speaking in Arabic, the students learned about the Nile River. We explored the importance of the river to many countries in Africa. During this discussion we referenced how important the Chesapeake Bay is to us. The students knew a lot about the Chesapeake Bay, and were able to make great connections regarding the importance of access to the waters of the Nile River in Africa.

Stop by and come explore with the fourth grade class!