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By: Mrs. Uehlinger, First Grade Teacher

During a time that can sometimes seem like the  “gimmie gimmies,” our first grade class has decided to return to the spirit of the season.  We created the Kind Kids Club to encourage our students to give back to others by committing purposeful acts of kindness each day this month.

Each student completed an application and explained why they wanted to join the club. They were given a membership certificate and have been sent on daily missions to give back to the people in their lives that give so much to them.

Missions include (but aren’t limited to) completing extra chores at home, cleaning up around the school, distributing candy canes and Hershey’s Kisses to teachers and sextons, and reading stories to kindergarteners. As we complete these activities,  we share during club meeting times how they make us feel and why our mission is important.

Be on the lookout for the students from Mrs. Uehlinger’s class! You may be the next recipient of one of our missions!