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Richard A. MooreDick, who passed away on October 4th, was an active member of St. James Academy for more than 40 years. He served as first President and President Emeritus of the Board of Trustees and was involved in the growth of the school, multiple improvements, and additions. Under his leadership the Academy added a second class to each grade level as well as the Prefirst Program. As you walk the halls of SJA, know that Dick was instrumental in expanding our magnificent facility from less than10,000 square feet to 104,000 today. The Susan Tucker Moore Theatre is named in honor of his daughter, SJA Class of 1976, and his son, Tom, SJA Class of 1979, now serves as President of our Board of Trustees.

“Dick appreciated the work and generosity of previous generations and believed  good stewards have a responsibility to leave sound legacies for the future. Dick lived these values as we worked together on the Board of Trustees, numerous campaigns, and Development Office initiatives. Many late afternoons, I would spot Dick driving through the grounds looking over the field and facility- the Academy- making sure everything was in order in a place he held very special. We will miss a dear friend, a skilled leader, and a faithful supporter.”

                                                -Judy Connelly, Director of Development

“Dick’s professional and practical approach guided my growth as Head of School. He taught me to value the quantitative aspects of a qualitative endeavor … educational enterprise. His visionary wisdom is truly unique and assures continuity and progress for our beloved SJA community.”

                                                -Betty Legenhausen, former SJA Head

“As a member of Bob Crosby’s initial governance structure for St James Academy (various committees with separate responsibilities) and subsequently a board member, the greatest service I performed for SJA was inviting Dick to be a board member. He was a true visionary with the rare ability to make the vision a reality. He gave of his time, talent and treasure to an extraordinary degree and always with grace and humor. Dick brought to the Academy, as he did to his profession, excellence, both practical and visual. Our beautiful school bears his stamp throughout. Saint James Academy is a far better school because of the blessing of having Dick Moore’s guidance for so many years. It has been a joy to have been along for the ride with Dick. We will all miss him (and his stories) very much.”

                                                -Bill Berndt, friend & former Vestry and Board Treasurer