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Denyese Fiero is a former graphic designer for Quizmo games that we use in the Kindergarten.

Amy Heffernan was a participant on the TV show “Romper Room” when she was younger.

Anne McAvoy has hiked in many National parks from as far north as Nova Scotia, to St Johns, in the Virgin Islands.

Gail Spacco’s daughter’s 10th Grade English teacher was Mr. Adler back in the 1990s.



Sally Loercher walked 30 miles in a day and a half to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

Lynn Espensen’s mother’s close friend was tutored in math by Albert Einstein.



Carolyn McCombe created a Kindergarten curriculum for American families living in Frankfurt, Germany.

Jorie Stryker was named after the first woman news reporter in Chicago, and named daughter after a reporter from the Today Show.

Sandy Uehlinger’s husband proposed to her involving her students at the annual school’s Christmas pageant, not at SJA.

Lauren Unkle was Miss Congeniality and 4th runner up in the Miss Baltimore Pageant.



Sally Ensor has plans to take trapeze lessons.

Allison Glace broke both of my arms in 5th Grade, at the same time – while riding a bike.

Judy Gault ran the Baltimore marathon three times, and once finished 13th.

Sue Wallis taught alongside her own 3rd grade teacher at two different schools (SJA and another school).



Ellen Baralo danced in the Nutcracker Ballet for five consecutive years – plus went to college with Mr. Adler.

Nancy Dewlin used to babysit for Jim Palmer’s 2 daughters for 75 cents an hour!

Laura Glushakow had Robin Williams call her home, and he spent about hour speaking to different members of the family.

Ivy Hill was her middle school bowling champ.  Average 170.



Allie Buck was a competitive gymnast growing up, had childhood ambitions to be a “Solid Gold” dancer.

Courtney Fox: traveled to Sweden her junior year of high school with the Chamber Choir and sang in a student-led a cappella group her senior year.

Amy Kaltenbach grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio within walking distance of Johnny Bench’s house.

Mary Sullivan is proud that her children are the 10th generation on the family farm.



Elliott Buck climbed twelve 14,000 ft peaks, on six different continents, and can do a backflip off a 30 ft. cliff on skis.

Michelle Limburg, as a 9th grader, was the only female student on her high school water polo team. By senior year she had recruited 3 more girls.

Nina Theofiles recently purchased her first home, a refurbished one-room school house from the 1930s.

Kelly Wilson received a college scholarship for entomology from Mobay Chemical Corporation.



Doug Gorham: played Blackjack with Brad Pitt in Palm Springs and was an extra in the movie “City Hall” with Al Pacino and John Cusack, but was sadly cut in post-production.

Cathy Hutton was the 1978 Pleasure Pony Champion at the St. James Pony Show.

Helen Kessler worked with and was mentored by Mr.EBS for at least 15 years before becoming a teacher at SJA.

Chris Maddix sang at Richard Nixon’s inauguration, and won the Timberfest 5k run last summer for his age group.



Marc Cousins was a member of a world champion Odyssey of the Mind team in 8th Grade.

Trish Swanson climbed three mountains: Mt. Olympus in Washington, Mt. Hood in Oregon, and Mt. Bromo, a still active volcano, in Indonesia.

James Walsh has been bitten by a shark, is in line for the British throne (albeit through Mary Queen of Scotts).



Bette Davolos is a self-proclaimed weather nut, and has been in 3 tornadoes, and is also a honeybee keeper for 11 years, winning a blue ribbon at the Maryland State Fair.

Jenn Smith worked as an extra on the NetFlix show “House of Cards” this summer.

Greg Wright also answers to “Ling Young-min” from a time while living in South Korea.




Annie Bergland once caught three bone fish in one day (a pretty big deal in the world of bone fishing).

Colleen Case was named Most Beautiful Baby in Baltimore and was Maryland State Jousting Champion for 6 years in a row.

Jenn James purposefully swam with 20-30 sharks in the ocean (4 times).

Brooke Riegel used to make turkey burgers for Dave Matthews and members of his band.

Margey Hudkins was a former tour guide at Carling Brewery.

Amy Gorham trekked Mendenhal Glacier in Alaska.

Vic Hailey was scouted as a baseball prospect by the Colorado Rockies while in high school, and received a college scholarship to play ball.

Robin Williams was a  double gold medalist in figure skating, passing all figure skating tests in the US and Europe, which qualified her for senior ladies in Worlds/ Olympic competition.

Randi Bradley was short-listed for best polka record with the Grammys.

Donald Wolcott has performed music on 5 continents (all except South America and Antarctica), including locations such as the Great Wall of China, the Library of Congress, and Pearl Harbor.

Joe Edel: Until the age of 5, lived in a log cabin in Montana w/o running water or electricity.




Elena Baranowski is fluent in Greek and plays competitive flag football on the weekends.

Lori Dembo has visited Europe for 24 days and toured 17 castles and 11 schools.

Lisa Davis was a state ranked tennis player whose career was thwarted by Pam Shriver.

Becky Forsythe is the daughter of a funeral director, and a proud Hokie alum.

Dianne Fowler rode in the Horse & Pony Show when she was in 7th & 8th Grade.

Jill Rowan: jumped out of a perfectly good airplane 12,000 ft. above Cape Canaveral last December.

Karl Adler was once asked to be a lifeline on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”