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discoverThis past week, artist-in-residence Kevin Reese worked with St. James Academy students to build a mobile installation in the tower of our school.  Students began work on this project earlier in the fall by drawing visual representations of the theme “discovery and wonder.”   This week in art classes, students helped build the mobile with Mr. Reese, painting, bending wires, and finding balancing points.  Today, we dedicated the installation with song and poem. Eighth grade student Mark Sucoloski and Mr. Wolcott performed “What a Wonderful World.”  Our librarians, Mrs. Sansosti and Mrs. Hudkins read the following poetry from Mary O’Neil:

Like acrobats on a high trapeze

The colors pose and bend their knees

Twist and turn and leap and blend

Into shapes and feelings without end . . .IMG_0519

The Colors live between black and white

In a land that we know best by sight.

But knowing best isn’t everything,

For colors dance

And colors sing,

And colors laugh

And colors cry –

Turn off the lights and colors die,

And they make you feel every feeling there is

From the grumpiest grump

To the fizziest fizz.

And you and you and I know wellIMG_0520

Each has a taste

And each has a smell

And each has a wonderful

Story to tell . . . .




Dedication of Mobile from St. James Academy on Vimeo.