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Discovery, exploration, and inquiry are valued at St. James Academy. Design thinking teaches and inspires students to brainstorm, collaborate, think outside the box, and fail forward. Students are challenged to identify problems and create meaningful solutions. They work collaboratively to follow the design process, which calls for them to think, make, test, and improve. Design thinking projects are incorporated to enhance lessons in a way of combining the core subject with leveraging the available technology.

St. James Academy’s state-of-the-art makerspace is outfitted with white board design tables and surrounded by gadgets, tools, and measuring devices. The design thinking process fits well with the philosophy of St. James because students stay engaged; they foster creativity, and explore multiple outcomes. The lessons are built to encourage open-ended conversations. Students aren’t following a set of instructions, but rather trying, failing, and adjusting ideas to find a solution to a problem.

unnamedDesign thinking has become an important part of the daily practices of SJA. If you are interested in learning more about the design thinking process and about the SJA experience, visit the campus tomorrow for Innovation Saturday from 10-12pm. We look forward to seeing many creative inquirers and innovators!