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Flight-FestToday was an exciting day for the second grade class. Each year, students learn about the Wright Brothers. Curiosity, determination, courage, and perseverance are qualities that always come up in discussion when learning about these two inventors. “These qualities are ones that I wish to instill in my second graders,” said Mrs. Wallis.

When the story of the invention of the airplane and the lives of two ordinary brothers was first introduced to the students of St. James Academy 12 years ago, it was the 100th anniversary of this invention. Each year, the excitement of wonder and discovery of this science, reading, and social studies unit grows greater. The students read a biography of Orville and Wilbur as they learn about the science of flight. It’s very interesting to see how quickly the students learn and make connections with the two inventors. Students are engaged in the different activities focused around the science of flight and are intrigued to learn about the different inventions of these two courageous brothers. Students are also given some time to discover other inventions of the same time period.

flight-fest-2The students at St. James Academy are encouraged to take risks and think outside the box a lot like the Wright Brothers did. Who knows, maybe one day, the students will come up with an invention of their own.

Keep an eye out for our third graders “Invention Convention” coming up soon!