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Christmas Shoppe DinnerParticipation by parents, teachers, grandparents, alumni, and alumni parents enhances each student’s sense of being part of a larger framework of life and the community. The Patrons’ Association provides countless hours of talent and dedication to the children, as well as sponsors memorable events for the community. Successful fund raising and friend raising provide supplemental equipment and programs, endowment growth, and child-oriented activities that might otherwise only be dreams. A cooperative partnership with parents creates close and nurturing relationships among all constituents of our school.

St. James Academy student Touring the Academy on any given day, a visitor may see a parent helping a prefirst student write a story, or an alumni parent cataloguing books in the library, or middle school moms and dads preparing pizza lunch in the kitchen. The Patrons Association assists the Academy in organizing volunteers as classroom helpers, room parents, and committee chairs for activities, events, and fund raising.

Each year, our volunteers focus on activities for students, families, and the larger community. The Foxhound Fall Festival is a collaborative event between the Church and Academy to promote partnership and welcome all to the new school year. The Academy’s Christmas Shoppe in November attracts over 2,000 visitors to our campus and offers unique gifts, beautiful jewelry, original artwork, antiques and much more from 40 plus vendors. A gourmet lunch and dinner is served in our Café and includes many home made favorites as well as specialty items.

” SJA is an amazing collection of families. For many of us, the Academy is a second home.We work together and support one another. It’s a wonderful place to gather, share, and learn.”

— Amy Wagner, Patrons Association President 

Moms and dads dressed as Santa’s helpers excite our students with a day of shopping at Jingle Bell Junction. The elves even wrap the selected gifts! Every other year the Patrons’ Association holds their biggest fundraiser, a gala. May brings the annual St. James Academy’s Horse and Pony Show to our fields and Pony Ring. Riders pointed in Harford and Baltimore Counties compete throughout the day. Families and horsemen alike enjoy refreshments at the Lunch House, Flower Tent, horse jumping, and performances.

This is only a sampling of the gifts our volunteers bring to the children, faculty, and families of the Academy. They are priceless and the heart of our school community. When you sign up to help, you will meet new friends and enrich our school. The Academy sincerely appreciates volunteers who make such a difference each year!