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On Wednesday morning, we gathered to celebrate the beginning of the school year with an Academic Convocation. This is a beautiful service where our 8th Grade students, lead by hand, our 1st Grade students into the Church Each member of our Student Council has a role in the service, and our Student Council President addresses the students and faculty. The purpose of  Academic Convocation is not only to mark the beginning of the school year but also to mark the beginning of the journey each first grader takes through St. James Academy. We appreciate their individual gifts, we rejoice in their future expectations, and we celebrate this great first step into a lifelong adventure of learning. Please enjoy the video of the address by Student Council President, Patrick Heffernan.



“Good morning, Mr. Adler, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Dembo, Mrs. Fowler, Mr. Wright, faculty, parents, and students. Hello and welcome to the St. James Academy’s Academic Convocation. My name is Patrick Heffernan and I am your Student Council President. Today is an exciting day for our first graders as they become members of our St. James community.

First Graders, I remember sitting in chapel thinking how big the eighth graders were and that this service was a special event for me. What I remember most is planting lily bulbs after the ceremony with my eighth-grade buddy, Will McAvoy, who was also the Student Council President that year. I didn’t imagine that I would be the one standing here, welcoming you today. Like you, my classmates and I were at the beginning of our St. James journey, the lily bulbs. Over time, through learning and experiencing life here at SJA we have grown to become the lilies of St. James. Even though we are in our final year at SJA, the lilies are almost fully bloomed, but we still have some more growing to do and we will always have our memories here. First graders, through your teachers’ and parents’ guidance you will become the lilies of St. James, just as we are. It is my honor to welcome you, the class of 2023 to our St. James family.”