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Athletics FAQs
When do the students have athletics?

Athletics are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons with practices from 3-4:15 PM. We will hold practices rain or shine, so students should be prepared for an indoor practice on rainy days. Games can be canceled for weather and we send out emails blasts and tweets (@sjafoxhounds).

How do I pick up my student?

We run a second carpool at 4:15 PM where you can pick your student up at the front porch. There are significantly fewer cars in this carpool, so it goes much quicker.

When are games?

Games are held on the same Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons. Game times are typically 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM start times with the A teams playing first and B teams playing after that. There are always some exceptions so check the game schedule.

How can I find a schedule?

You can find our Athletics Calendar here with all events listed.

How do the students travel to games?

For the most part, we will utilize buses that will transport the team to and from the game. You are welcome to pick your student up from the game. You may also bring others home in a carpool. We just ask for a written note from the parent of the student who is traveling with someone else. Occasionally, for smaller teams we may use carpools instead.

What do the students wear?

Students will wear their PE uniforms to practice and will be given uniforms to wear for the games.  Students share lockers with their classmates and can store their equipment and clothes there in the morning.