Visual Arts

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Engaging Students’ Imagination & Critical Thinking Skills

The program is based on elements of art, principles of art, and materials and techniques. Each grade level curriculum features lessons in art history, art production, and making connections to their classroom subject areas.

Art History

Through the study of art history, students learn about the influences of other artists and their styles.

Art Production

At St. James Academy, self –expression is encouraged. Each art project gives students real choices for expressing their feelings and ideas allowing for autonomy over their subject matter and medium. Risk-taking gives the students opportunities for self-discovery, which leads to confidence, builds self-esteem and character.

Classroom Curriculum

The art program stays connected to their grade level classroom and provides a global perspective of art and touches base with the diverse cultures that the class is studying.

Student goals for PreK through Eighth Grade will strengthen their abilities in drawing, computer drawing, printmaking, ceramics, fiber, painting, and sculpture. They learn techniques such as color theory, color mixing, observation drawing, still life, landscapes, portraits and figure drawing.

“At St. James Academy we believe there is an artist in every child. Art allows the creative side of a child’s brain to express. We want to unleash and celebrate that side in as many mediums as possible. With small class sizes, the children get to experience set design, art clubs, summer camps, private lessons, glass blowing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, art history, and more. The arts create an environment where each student is valued; they grow their self-esteem and self-confidence, self-expression, creative thinking, and problem-solving.”

Cheryl Bubier
Lower School Art Teacher

The Artist in Residence Program

Every other year the art department brings in an artist to work with the children on a unique project inspired by their knowledge. Some of our featured artists have been Eli Hess, a sculptor, and Joanne and Mike Bare, landscape painters.

St. James students follow the National Standards for the Arts and the Maryland Essential Learning Outcomes for the Visual Arts. The heart of the curriculum is based on independent learning in different media to encourage self-expression through art and the joy of learning, and artistic growth.