At St. James Academy, we believe it is important that students have access to a robust educational program. We are committed to making SJA affordable for your family. Our student-centered program is both comprehensive and community-minded, allowing our stellar faculty to create experiential opportunities for your child. We invite families to learn more about our Flexible Tuition Program below.


PreK (5 half days)

$320 - $640

PreK (3 full, 2 half days)

$478 - $956

PreK (5 full days)

$582 - $1,164


$681 - $1,362

Lower School

$830 - $1,661

Middle School

$850 - $1,700

Flexible Tuition Program

How does Flexible Tuition work?

Flexible Tuition encompasses several distinct opportunities to receive discounted tuition. These include Need-Based Aid which is determined by completing an application through FACTS, Lower and Middle School Scholarships for newly enrolled students, and Sibling Discounts which are automatically given for multi-sibling families. All families will be eligible to participate in the Flexible Tuition Program. With this model, each family contributes according to their means.

How do I apply?

We ask families who wish to participate to complete a FACTS application when they apply. This separate and confidential process allows us to compile information about your income and expenses to determine an equitable contribution to tuition. To help accommodate potential changes in your financial status, you will fill out a new application each school year.

What if I have more than one child enrolled at SJA?

Families enrolling more than one student at SJA will receive a sibling discount for each additional child.

Can my child still apply for scholarship opportunities?

Yes, your child can still apply for scholarship opportunities. St. James Academy is proud to offer academic scholarships to new students.


10% for the second child

15% for the third child and any additional children


Lower School

Withdraw from a 529 Plan

Up to $10,000 per year from a 529 Plan can be used towards private school education.

Additional Loan Options

Sallie Mae offers a K-12 Family Education Loan at unpublished, but “competitive” interest rates. Another resource is Your Tuition Solution which offers pre-college education loans at fixed rates.

St. James Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, or disability in the administration of its hiring, educational and admissions, financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.