High School Counseling

The Head and the Admission Director meet with parents in the spring of the student’s 7th grade year to introduce the high school application process. A High School Selection Guide is prepared for each family. Information including high school contacts, open house dates, selection criteria, pro and con lists, interview questions, entrance testing costs, dates, and locations, shadow visits, follow-up with admission directors, application process timeline, and much more is contained in the booklet.

“Each 8th grade student receives preparation for selecting their first choice high school. This thorough process lays the foundation for SJA graduates’ future college search.”

— Katie Wareheim, Director of Admission & Enrollment Management 

Each family has an appointment to meet with the Head and the Admission Director to review their student’s admission profile. The students participate in a leadership class lead by the Director of Admission and School Counselor.

A developmentally appropriate curriculum takes the students through shadowing, interviewing, applying, testing, and selecting a high school. Information on independent, catholic, and public schools is presented. Both boarding and day school options are discussed.

SJA fully supports parents and students during this process. Our graduates and their families are highly sought after by the most competitive high schools. Family high school selections are guided by a child’s individual learning style and interests.