Participation in Technology classes is based on a flexible schedule. Classroom teachers and the Information Technology Coordinator collaborate to integrate technology activities that develop subject area concepts, as well as technology skills.

Since technology skills are taught in correlation with the classroom curriculum to enhance teacher and student productivity, efficiency, creative expression, communication, and access to information, class schedules vary based on units of instruction.

noname-1Information technologies rapidly influence our society and the way in which we work, study, and play. The education environment at St. James Academy requires students to learn actively by accessing information resources to a degree that was almost unimaginable only a few years ago.

The St. James Academy Mission Statement affirms the development of the whole child by providing a place to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially. The technology curriculum attempts to foster this mission by providing technology resources to prepare our children for productive, creative, and responsible living in the twenty-first century.

Goals: Kindergarten – Grade Five

Students will:

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and proper use of technologies;
  • Apply strategies for solving routine hardware and software problems with iPadsa dn computers;
  • Locate, access, digest, and organize information;
  • Evaluate information in terms of accuracy, relevance, appropriateness, and bias;
  • Collaborate to investigate curriculum related issues and to identify solutions;
  • Effectively communicate ideas and curriculum concepts using a board range of skills;
  • Develop keyboarding skills;
  • Demonstrate the ability to constructively critique individual and group projects using pre-established rubrics.